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GREEN ACRES General Information

Rules & Regulations

NJT Green Acres is a time bound project. In case payments are not made as per agreement signed, the builder reserves the right to cancel the allotment, in which case the amount will be returned without any interest, only after re-allotment to another party.


On allotment, an agreement to construct the villa will be executed between the builder and the purchaser. The contract value in the agreement covers the cost of the land, development, building and other common infrastructure. Registration charges and incidental expenses for the registration of land will be to the buyer's account, to be paid at the time of registration.


Payment Details

Payment is to be made in five instalments.

On booking
30% of total cost + ST

On completion of foundation
25% of total cost + ST

On completion of ground floor roof
25% of total cost + ST

On completion of first floor roof
19.5% of total cost + ST

On handing over
0.5% + other taxes and deposits

Terms and Conditions

  • Once allotted and agreement signed, the prices are firm.
  • All payments by Demand Draft / local cheques favouring NJT Homes payable at Kottayam.
  • Individual houses will be completed within 18 months of obtaining the individual building licence.
  • Possession shall be given to the customer only after settling all the dues to the company.
  • NJT Homes reserves the right to accept or reject any application. Statutory deposits, building tax, sales tax, service tax etc., and deposits for power, water and house owner's association, share of cost of transformer and its cabling, construction workers welfare fund and other deposits, shall be paid by the buyer.
  • All transactions are subject to Kottayam jurisdiction only.
  • All measurements and specifications given in the brochure are subject to minor variations. Variations / alterations shall be at the discretion of the builder.
  • Owners Association will be formed on the handing over of the project.
  • The Owners Association will carry out the complete maintenance and repairs of common facilities.
  • Membership in association is compulsory.
  • Maintenance charges / deposits to be paid by each owner to the Association.

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